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Haile Gerima’s
upcoming documentary

The Children of Adwa: 40 Years Later.

Conceived as a sequel to his prize-winning documentary ADWA: An African Victory, The Children of Adwa tells the story of Ethiopia’s response to Italy’s invasion in 1935, forty years after Italy’s defeat at the Battle of Adwa in 1896.

The Children of Adwa combines personal accounts and memories of the war with age-old folklore,  war chants, and praise poetry, to contour the communal trauma of the invasion and capture the collective spirit of resistance that ensured Ethiopia’s victory and enduring independence from colonial greed.


For several decades, Haile has recorded personal accounts of resistance fighters and documented stories of patriot elders who were first-hand witnesses of the war. His extensive research for The Children of Adwa brings to light extraordinary images and little-known historical footage that weaves together a dynamic narrative of the people and events surrounding the war.


Under the Fascist leadership of Mussolini, they all congregated in Rome, mainly emphasizing avenging the humiliating defeat by black people. The idea was undoubtedly to re-paint that humiliation.

Dejazmach Zewde