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Youth Change Agent empowers adults dedicated to preventing young people from taking the wrong path. You can become the change agent youth need to succeed.

Authored by activists and educators Keith Strickland and Lucas L. Johnson, Youth Change Agent is your comprehensive guide to the best practices for your work to prevent young people from going down the wrong path.

Youth Change Agent sheds light on the critical aspect of preventing incarceration altogether. It delves into the pressing issues that plague today's youth, from drug abuse and gun violence to risky sexual behavior and destructive materialism. In addition to presenting tips and techniques for productive conversations with young individuals, the book delves into the crucial topics of trust-building and risk assessment. Strickland and Johnson emphasize the importance of creating a nonjudgmental environment that fosters open communication and encourages young individuals to explore their potential without fear of criticism or disapproval. By gauging the highest risks youth face, the authors offer insights to help readers understand and address the root causes of risky behavior while inspiring young individuals to envision a brighter future.

Drawing upon Strickland and Johnson's vast experience working with schools, courts, law enforcement agencies, and correctional facilities across multiple US states, this book provides invaluable guidance. Whether you are a mentor, therapist, social worker, or concerned parent, this indispensable resource will allow you to make a positive difference in the lives of our next generation.

Youth Change Agent: Empower a Young Person to Make the Transition to a Better Li

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