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Experience the life story of Magatte Wade - the bold Senegalese entrepreneur and unflinching prosperity activist, determined to shape the destiny of her African homeland.

In this riveting memoir, Wade challenges Africans to redefine their narrative, casting aside imposed inferiority to reclaim their innate brilliance.

This is not a recounting of poverty and politics. It's an indictment of a world that views Africa as nothing more than a colonial chessboard, with charity acting as the block that keeps Africans stuck.

The surprising truth: Africa's problems are NOT due to colonialism, corruption, bad leadership, poor skills, or a lack of education. It's something much bigger, and yet it's only been visible to entrepreneurs... until now.

Join the movement for Africa's rightful place in the 21st-century: fostering innovation, earning prosperity, and growing into an economic powerhouse. Wade's impassioned voice promises nothing less than the dawn of a new era, poised to reshape history, create prosperity and peace, and unleash Africa's bright future.

The Heart of A Cheetah

SKU: 9781839762086
  • Wade, Magatte (Author) , Ayittey, George (Foreword by)