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  • Echoing Ida is a community of diverse and passionate advocates for justice--particularly reproductive justice. Though published widely as individuals, this collection will place these writers alongside each other for the first time. Contributors include Raquel Willis, Renee Bracey Sherman, Jasmine Burnett, Elizabeth Dawes Gay, and many more. It also contains a mix of styles - personal essays, reported pieces, poetry, comics and more.
  • This anthology presents a diverse range of Black womanhood and nonbinary identity, both in writers and topical scope. Readers interested in seeing themselves in a book or in expanding their resource base are an ideal audience for this book, especially in the wake of the 2020 presidential election. Whatever the outcome of the election, it's undeniable that race and gender--and particularly, the identities of those most marginalized--will be a hot topic of conversation online and on television.
  • The Echoing Ida Anthology will, as a collection, come to represent a particular moment in the history of media. These writers emerged as online journalism began to expand and the voices of Black women and nonbinary people began pushing through, especially with the help of social media and its communities. The book documents the urgency and novelty of this point in our contemporary culture war.

The Echoing Ida Collection

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