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THE BOOK OF KHALLID chronicles the life and times of Khallid Abdul Muhammad, a notorious legend in the Black activist movement, and a militant prophet of today's radical generation. Minister Khallid Muhammad (1948-2001) was the former security chief and fiery national spokesman for Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. Later, he became the leader of the New Black Panther Party. Khallid Abdul Muhammad is the only man in history to be formally condemned by the entire U.S. Congress and the White House. He was accused of racism and anti-Semitism. A standout orator and revolutionary activist, Minister Khallid was stalked and hunted by the FBI counter-terrorism task force and other law enforcement agencies. The very controversial Dr. Khallid was also denounced by Reverend Jesse Jackson, moderate civil rights leaders, and then suspended by NOI leader Louis Farrakhan, who was in rapprochement attempts with Jewish groups. However, in the spring of 1994, Khallid would rise; delivering riveting, televised lectures at Howard University, and he publicly dismantled talk show host Phil Donahue in a thrilling national TV debate. In May 1994, Minister Khallid was shot and almost assassinated by a Nation of Islam affiliate, James X Bess. Afterwards, Khallid was eventually ousted from the NOI. In 1998, as the Panther leader, Khallid led rifle-wielding militants through Jasper, Texas, following the beheading of James Byrd Jr. by White supremacists. In the same year, Khallid warred with New York's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, over the Million Youth March, which ended with a violent clash between the marchers and N.Y. police. Khallid was also a force behind the LA riots, that resulted from the Rodney King police beating in 1992, which has led to the current uprisings against police killings all over America. In his career, Khallid was constantly compared to the iconic freedom fighter, Malcolm X. He is still revered today as a hip-hop Icon, due to his appearances on multi-platinum selling albums by Public Enemy and Ice Cube. In addition to his relationship with the immortal rapper, Tupac Shakur. Khallid was features on the latest Grammy Award-winning album by D'Angelo, and is often praised by rap heroine, Lauryn Hill, and the "King of the South" trap artist, T.I. "Most of America remembers Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad... as the passionate, emotion-evoking Black leader that was the last of his kind to stand up in the face of oppression in America and the first U.S. citizen to ever be censured by Congress." - SOURCE MAGAZINE. "Khallid Muhammad... a gifted speaker." - TIME MAGAZINE. The Book of Khallid contains exclusive insight into Khallid's close father-son relationship with the celebrity-businessman, and international best-selling author, Farrah Gray, who survived the assassination attempt on his father's life. Much of Farrah's early entrepreneurial genius mimics his father's bright success as a youth. The Book of Khallid provides unreported information into Khallid Muhammad's up and down relationship with his mentor, Louis Farrakhan, the most vocal and recognized Black and Muslim leader of the last 35 years, and renowned for his massive Million Man March. Speaking on The Book of Khallid, Dr. Cornel West says, "I think it is very important because I think he's been misunderstood and misconstrued. I think people are so easy to fall for stereotype and don't stay in contact with the love in his heart, mind and soul. Most importantly, is the way in which you infuse that love with being a warrior." ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Malik Zulu Shabazz is a former aide, spokesman and lawyer for Khallid Abdul Muhammad. Shabazz succeeded Khallid Muhammad, and served as the national chairman of the New Black Panthers following his death. Shabazz's vivid, personal narration of the story of his mentor's rollercoaster ride to the top is sure to keep readers hanging on to every page. Critical for understanding race relations

The Book of Khallid: The Untold Story of Khallid Abdul Muhammad, Militant Prophe

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