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“There are an endless number of wonderful things to say about Lawrence Jackson’s Shelter―from luminous to breathtaking to just being outright admirable. Jackson essentially gifts his reader with two stories that are skillfully and beautifully intertwined: the work to create a great home for himself and his two sons, and a history of Baltimore, the hometown that helped create him. Along the way we are treated to so much that helps those stories come to life―from Jackson’s history with cars to the ingredients of 19th century cornbread to Johns Hopkins University’s treatment of Black people. It is all a lovely mix. Jackson has the mind of a historian, but he is also something of a poet―just note these words: ‘a person whose strength is more meringue than muscle.’ Shelter is a singular achievement.”―Edward P. Jones

“Shelter is an intriguing meditation on past and present Baltimore, as reflected through the eyes of a black native son. Lawrence Jackson, deeply ambivalent about returning after years away from his once-slaveholding hometown, is a keen observer of the complex interplay between race, time, and place. Surprisingly funny and often unsettling, Shelter is a fascinating read.”―Nathan McCall, author of Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America

Shelter: A Black Tale of Homeland, Baltimore

SKU: 9781644450833