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It all began with a fever and a sore throat. One night, three-year-old Shamar wakes up with a 101 temperature and a sore throat. Concerned it could be strep, Shamar's mother, Faye, ensures she sees a doctor as soon as possible. After a routine check-up and a prescription, the only thing left for the family to do is wait for their little girl to get better. Time goes by and Shamar's condition is getting worse. Knowing there was something deeper than what the doctors could detect, Faye goes on a hunt to find a doctor who can tell her what is wrong with her daughter. She finally finds one and is given a diagnosis that she and her family could never have imagined. Shamar has Kawasaki, a rare disease of unknown cause that causes inflammation in the walls of blood vessels in the heart. If Shamar is not neutralized within ten days, she could endure serious heart problems in the future. Time is of the essence for the doctors to help, though knowledge of treatments for the disease is as rare as the disease itself. Hope seems to be dwindling as a miracle cure seems to be impossible to find with the passing of each day, yet the Kennel family is not ready to give up. Through love and the power of prayer, they give Shamar to God, knowing that nothing is impossible for Him. All they can do now is pray for a miracle to happen. Sculpture of a Miracle: God's Glory by Dona Gassaway Mitchell is the true story of a young child's battle against a terrible disease, the undying will of the doctors who helped her, and the incredible loving family who stayed by their child's side to raise her up when all hope seemed lost. Dona Gassaway Mitchell lives in Dallas, Texas. She is an award-winning creative artist, intrinsically gifted and talented. She specializes in Art Entertainment. She is a mother of three, one son and two daughters, and a grandmother of three boys and a dog. She has been married to her husband, James, for thirty-one years. From street outreach to the stage, Dona's three decades of writing in ministry led her to work with professional actors, network with celebrities, and