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Since its first release in 2017, Revolutionary Pedagogy: A Primer for Teachers of Black Children has captivated educators and professionals in the field of education with overwhelming praise, offering both theoretical insights and practical guidance on pedagogy. While its focus is on empowering students of African descent, the principles presented in this book transcend ethnic boundaries and are designed to equip teachers with the tools to create revolutionary pedagogy to all learners. In the Second Edition, Asante:


- Challenges the existing education system and promotes a commitment to excellence for all students.

- Corrects distorted information, and helps educators recognize dysconscious racism.

- Provides guidance for educators in urban environments, addressing unique challenges and unlocking the potential of every student.

- Explores the pressing issue of urban violence and calls for an educational revolution rooted in cultural identity and personal growth.

- Shares personal experiences, lesson plans, and ideas to underscore the transformative power of culturally enriched education.

- Re-centers dislocated African American students and expand the knowledge of all other students in the classroom.

- Inspires educators and educational professionals to reshape education and create a brighter future for all learners.


Whether you're an educator seeking innovative approaches to teaching or an educational professional dedicated to promoting inclusivity and empowerment, Revolutionary Pedagogy is an essential resource.

Revolutionary Pedagogy

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