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In God's Got Jokes, author Neosho C. Ponder allows the reader into the most personal and vulnerable parts of her life. As she battled the hardships of cancer, she learned that some of those who supported her succumbed to their own battles of cancer. You will hear stories such as:

  • Being evicted during chemotherapy, which finally led to her seeing the humor and not choosing to give up.
  • The financial adversity that affects cancer patients too sick to work, those undergoing treatments and multiple surgeries.
  • The loss of several loved ones in a short time during the battle of a lifetime.
  • The deeper connection to faith, family, and self, despite mental health struggles.

Ponder's resilience is astonishing. She never let her diagnosis keep her from doing anything, including traveling to taking care of others that needed her. God's Got Jokes is a long-awaited companion to those fighting cancer, have faced your own difficult journey, or just appreciate winning!

God's Got Jokes: How I Used My Faith and God's Humor to Survive Breast Cancer

SKU: 9781637308165
  • Ponder, Neosho C (Author)