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A gorgeously illustrated guided journal to discovering and embracing the Wild Feminine within.


When we reconnect with our Wild Feminine, we learn to hold firmly onto her power. This connection sets the tone for what we demand from ourselves, others, and all our life pursuits.


She knows who she is and is unapologetically herself.
She is connected with her Ancestors and psychic senses.
She is aware, alert, and courageous enough to transform.
She is in touch with her creativity.
She is at peace with her spiritual, intuitive, and emotional nature.
She is not afraid to use her voice.
She has the power to attract and manifest change into her life.


With thoughtful meditations, insightful prompts, and somatic exercises, this guide to discovering your own Wild Feminine will nourish your deepest, most powerful self, helping you to trust your intuition, reveal and reclaim your inner voice, and cultivate self-acceptance and a deeper connection with the sacredness of life.


FOR FANS OF GUIDED JOURNALS: Writing down our thoughts with guidance from prompts and inspiration from beautiful illustrations is a powerful way to reclaim our lives. This journal is the perfect addition to any collection of guided journals or a meaningful purchase for anyone looking to take a leap into guided journaling.


RECONNECTING WITH THE WILD FEMININE: From folklore to pop culture to personal empowerment, there's a heightened interest in exploring the spiritual framework of connecting with the feminine archetypes, goddesses, and beings from our histories and within ourselves. This journal is the ideal guide to beginning your journey to connecting with the wild feminine.


POPULAR AUTHOR: Araki Koman is an artist and illustrator whose work explores folklore, mysticism, and slow living. She regularly shares artworks with her loyal following on Instagram and has illustrated for the Atlantic, Refinery29, the New York Times, and many more.


Perfect for:

  • Women looking for guidance on feminine empowerment
  • Explorers of wellness and spirituality
  • Fans of guided journals, tarot cards, and oracle decks that tap into inner wisdom and intuition, such as The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck and Mystic Mondays Tarot
  • Birthday, Galentine's Day, holiday, or self-care gift for women