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Circles of Wellness: A Guide to Planting, Cultivating & Harvesting Wellness This wellness guide for You, Your Family, Your Community, Your Planet is a formula for gaining vibrant, healthy living for all humanity and our global circles. The text is presented in 5 chapters as 5 paradigm shifts. Five is the number for balance, freedom and grace. This guide teaches how to make paradigm shifts to rethink and redo our personal and planetary health care. Learn to plant seeds of wellness and shift your consciousness from accepting suffering to expecting wellness. Learn to activate the teachings in Queen Afua's forty-year body of work as you shift to heal Thyself and become Citizens on the Global Community of Wellness. Continue to grow and cultivate your family and community. Circles of Wellness is based on natural, holistic Emerald Green Lifestyle. By shifting to wellness thinking and wellness acting, you - Your Family - Your Community - your planet can begin harvesting collective greatness, 360, full circle. With 50 Million people in the United States without Health Insurance Circles of Wellness is a Must Read - All Power to the People!

Circles of Wellness: A Guide to Planting, Cultivating and Harvesting Wellness