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Where next for the Black Panther? Find out as a sensational new arc begins! Eons ago - before Black Panthers, before Wakanda, before time itself - there were only the Orishas! The pantheon of gods and goddesses from which the world as we know it was manifested: Asali. Ogutemeli. Bast. But now, when Wakanda burns, they are silent. When she was flooded, they were silent. While her people war amongst themselves, ever silent they remain. Where have all the gods of Wakanda gone? T'Challa means to find out... MacArthur Fellow and national correspondent for The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates ( Between the World and Me) is joined by rising superstar Wilfredo Torres ( Moon Knight) - and together they set out to redefine faith and theology for the Marvel Universe

Black Panther Book 4: Avengers of the New World Book 1

SKU: 1302906496
  • Ta - Nehisi Coates