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Fri, Apr 14


Sankofa Video, Books, & Café

Let's Talk Health & Love with the Paramount King

We're chatting with Dr. Ur Aua (Paramount King) Hehimetu Ra Enkamit on his two books A Virgin Meadow's Winter's Prayer and Yes We CANcer!

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Let's Talk Health & Love with the Paramount King
Let's Talk Health & Love with the Paramount King

Time & Location

Apr 14, 2023, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Sankofa Video, Books, & Café, 2714 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA


About The Event

About the books:

A Virgin Meadow's Winter's Prayer: A Story of Love

Karl and Karen first met at Howard University as freshmen in 1969. At that time Howard was in the second year of a great awakening of Black Consciousness as students were demanding the University be more “relevant” to the needs and interests of the Black Community. Understanding the principle that the “power to define” is the “power to control,” as articulated in the book Black Power, the seminal work of Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) and Charles Hamilton, they changed their names to Kwesi and Kemba. This began their quest to become the change they ought externally, in their own lives. Further, realizing that a strong Black Community is predicated on strong Black families, they committed to marriage. Seven years and two children later Kwesi finds himself in an African-American owned bookstore. The store is owned and operated by a sister named Auset

SaNuu. This encounter becomes the fuel which reignites his desire to recommit to 'becoming the changeʼ he sought, to strengthen the Black Community.

The rest is his-story.

Yes We CANcer


Diagnosed with Stage 3 Prostate Cancer in February 2021, Ur Aua Hehimetu Ra Enkamit Ph. D. chronicles his journey from then to February 2022, when by virtue of a PSA test it was determined his cancer is nondetectable. Already a Vegan, upon receiving his diagnosis, he transformed his diet and lifestyle and engaged in “alternative therapies,” which enabled Dr. Enkamit to reduce both the tumor size and PSA number by more than 50% in 6 months (his “Impactful Period (IP)). This fact is verified by the lab reports included in this book. Upon witnessing the transformation of his cancer, during that IP, Denise Sutherland Phillips, MD suggested this book be written. It should also be noted that the protocols, products and practices followed by Dr. Enkamit were not specific to or for cancer of the prostate but could benefit people dealing with other forms of cancer as well. In researching for this book Dr. Enkamit was afforded the opportunity to look back at his life and this retrospection can and does serve as a light which can help guide us out of this cancer malaise. The American Cancer Society states, 1 in 3 persons in the United States will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Therefore, we can ill afford the luxury of ignoring the possible impacts of this “dreaded” disease. We should all learn as we can NOW, to mitigate cancer’s future impacts. The old idea that cancer is the result of a singular input, “smoking =lung cancer” must be broadened with the understanding that our overall environment must be evaluated. We can no longer put the entire weight of this problem on known carcinogenic behaviors = cancer. It is true that smoking can and does contribute to cancer in the lungs and elsewhere but it’s contribution is accentuated by other factors in the environment. If 1 out of every 3 fish in a “pond” is diseased, shouldn’t we take a closer look to at the “pond”, their environment, for solutions? Or, as spoken by Dr. Francis Collins, former Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” Yes We CANcontrol Our Environment!!

About the author:

Dr. Ur Aua (Paramount King) Hehimetu Ra Enkamit, has since 1975 been a member of the Washington D.C Traditional Area of Ausar Auset Society International (AASI). Ur Aua is responsible for overseeing the programs, projects and activities of AASI’s members in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Bermuda, and Toronto Canada. Under Ur Aua’s leadership, two schools have been established in Washington DC, spanning over 27 years. He has also provided leadership to launch services and businesses such as: Senbeb Cafe and Natural Foods, serving vegan food for over 25 years; Suwale African Boutique operating over 20 years; and The Oracle of Tehuti, providing classes and spiritual training over 35 years in the Kamitic way of life. He has led multiple excursions to countries in the African Diaspora, including Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Guinea, Benin, and Brazil; and coordinated contributions and activities to enhance infrastructure development in Ghana, including donations of over $300,000 in medical and educational equipment and supplies, 200,000 saplings for a Reforestation project in Agogo, and over $10,000 to Otumfou’s Education Fund. Dr. Enkamit has a BA in African American Studies and Masters in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology from Howard University, and a Ph.D. in African Art and Culture from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi Ghana. He is the author of two books, Yes We CANcer: If I Had To Do It All Over Again. My Personal Journey. Things I Knew, Didn't Know, In Hindsight Like to Have Known (July 4, 2022) and A Virgin Meadow's Winter's Prayer: A Story About Love ( September 11, 2022)


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