Christian Missions in Africa: v. II: Success, Ferment and Trauma, the Collected Essays of Ogbu Uke Kalu

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The narratives and analyses in this volume will enable scholars of global Christianity to discern how the shifting center of gravity in Christianity is being played out in Africa. Kalu in these essays do not simple record demographic shift, numerical growth, and vitality of African churches, but also and importantly shows how the expressions of Christianity are filtered through African cultures. The narratives are intellectually compelling and emotionally engaging. They primarily focus on concrete lives and efforts of people engaged in the missionary endeavor. The essays do not simply tell the story of how African Christians are engaged in the practices of sharing their faith. They also describe how African Christians are shaping the world through the power of the Christian gospel and the ethic of love expressed in the life of Jesus Christ. Kalu makes the significant point that it is unnecessary for missiologists studying the recent blooming of Christianity in Africa to search for its founding missionaries, originative centers or influences outside the continent. Foreign connections are more useful in explaining the character of the movement than in tracing its genealogy.

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