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Fidelen Be Tolo (Learn My Alphabet Quick) is a Kids Activity book for teaching Amharic alphabets as well as Ethiopian numbers and few Amharic words. This is the first volume of an upcoming series of nine. Each is set to different level language students all the way to university levels Amharic Studies. The first volume is set up in four different sections covering more than 34 Amharic Alphabets in full, Few words with pictures (three pages in total with 34 pictures and words), and numbers (2 pages) respectively. On every other page, Fidelen Be tolo (in Amharic fonts) is written. This will be the first volume for fidelen be tolo, melmeja debter collections. Currently, there are no published other volumes of this product.Below is the description of each unit composed in the first volume.1 - The first is the full Amharic Alphabet tracing section where kids are able to trace each character and also write it back on a blank space provided accordingly. The section is colourful and spacious enough for early age starters. It is designed colourfully in such a way that it doesn't seem redundant or get boring for kids.2- Once this section is complete, kids will then have a small section where they will fill out words based on the alphabets they have already learned. Each wording is supported by cartoons depicting the meaning of the word as well as the English reading of the Amharic translation. This section will give kids the vocabulary knowledge of basic Amharic words as well as knowledge on how to pronounce each word.3- The third section o the book is the full list of English phonetics or the sound each Amharic Alphabet sounds like in table formats. This section can support anyone studying the language to be able to read properly as well as identify the proper sound it makes. As such it is helpful for any level of the language student.4- The last and fourth section of the book is the introduction of Amharic Numerics. this section is just an introduction to the Amharic numbers in an easy format, helping kids get the first look and technic to start counting.The book is colourful and meets all the nec