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It's been 5 years since the Trump inspired insurrection of January 6. But the

seeds of rebellion have continued to fester in a divided country that sits on the brink

of anarchy . The issue isn't if there will be another attempt to overthrow our

democracy. But simply a matter of when? And in what form will it be?


In Los Angeles a black prostitute PEPPER has stolen a USB flash drive from the

laptop of an influential white nationalist politician because he refused pay her for sex.

But unknown to Pepper, the flash drive is encrypted with a detailed outline for

another insurrection designed by a group of ultra conservative white supremacist

politicians in an effort to salvage dwindling white influence and political power.

Known as the Alice Plan, it sets forth the protocols for the establishment of a new

'whites only' English speaking republic to be located on foreign soil. The Alice Plan

calls for US corporations to divest themselves of any and all financial interests in

America, and to redirect those resources to finance the building of the new republic

while gradually relocating the entire white population out of America by the end of


Pepper's efforts to blackmail the politician for money are met with death

threats . So she hires a white disabled ex-cop TERRY C. TAYLOR as her bodyguard for

$5,000 until she can find out what's on the flash drive. But Taylor is a bigoted racist

ex detective who takes her money but doesn't take Pepper's fears seriously ------ Until she 

turn s up dead in the L.A. River.


Back in Washington DC treasonous Kansas Senator METHIAS CRANDAL has

called a clandestine meeting with the thirteen white supremacist politicians to bring

them up to date on the missing flash drive and the death of the prostitute. Not

knowing where the prostitute hid the flash drive, they decide to hire NATHAN

HANDLER a brutal ex Marine and veteran Psych Ops interrogator at the infamous

Abu Ghraib prison to try and find where Pepper hid the flash drive and to liquidate the

person she left it with.

But when Handler shows up unannounced on Tay